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MTS-IT Educational Care

MTS-IT Education is a leading IT Training provider across Pune. We provide qualitative training methodologies with a real-time learning experience to young professionals for their career initiation and professional development. We are highly recommended by corporate due to our good quality candidates.

We designed our training in a more effective, customized, and meaningful manner. Our all training modules are carefully crafted to achieve the Industry expectations not only from technological understanding but also for soft skills and aptitude training. 

Our team of more than 50 industry experts facilitates more than 10 most demanded technologies courses with industry live projects to deliver the best learning experience for everyone.

Mission:  Nurture, train and promote the young talent within the organization.

Vision:  Quality training and service delivery to our industry clients which is up to date with technology and requirements.

Our headquarter is in Pune and another office is in Bangalore, soon we are planning to spread out in different parts of the country.


    • Get Trained by National / International Industry Practitioners.


    • We have a talented pool of professionals who are industry practitioners for decades, they are not only good at their respective domains but also have a great passion and urge to share their knowledge.


    • We don't train to find jobs, we make you employable, By employable we mean that you have the necessary practical skills to get yourself sell in front of your employer, whether it be your technical skill or personality skill-Develop "hands-on Experience" with us that's what industry needs to Emulate your Skills at our Educational Training Center. 

  1. Industrial Live project:

MTS-IT Education, training program allows the students to work on the Industrial Live project, which will be very helpful for the student to qualify the benchmark, set by the Big IT companies.

This training offers a pre-professional learning experience in which the students go through the complete software development life cycle where they can apply their skills and knowledge in a professional environment. The whole training session is conducted under the control observation of our highly qualified IT professionals who are up to date on the latest technologies and processes.


Live Project Training Benefits for students:

1) Exposer to industry experience for fresher students

2) Real-Time case studies for practice

3) It will make them technically strong in a particular domain

4) Internship IT certificate From IT Company.

5) Back support in documentation for live project

We Help To Find out Right-Job:

MTS-IT Education, the course is designed as per the requirement of various IT companies. We provide job oriented Training courses for skills improvement of students for their IT future. The students who want jobs after their graduation must join job oriented IT Courses, here we help students to choose a 100% job placement guarantee course that suits their interests, knowledge, and skills.

We groom our candidates and preparing them with all sorts of skills to make them an asset to any organization they work in.

There are many job oriented training centers across Pune where we provide our student's industrial live projects and train them to go beyond just training. Our training classes are designed on client requirements and strongly focus on technical skills, Aptitude Skills, Soft Skills, and Business Skills which help in developing a professional image with effective communication tools.

Job preparation for students:

1) 100% Guaranteed Placement

2) We send our students for interviews till they get a job

3) All necessary support for interview preparation

4) Conduct Write Technical Exams and Mock Interviews before attending Interviews.

1-1 career mentorship program:

The MTS-IT Education training program includes the 1-1 career mentorship program to help the students in the decision making process. Most of the time, the students who come to us are confused with different courses, which they need to pick to grow in their careers. Here we provide a 1-1 mentorship program to them, our highly Trained IT professionals acknowledge them about the IT market and based on their skill sets we help them to choose a course as per the industry requirement.

Our industry experts will prepare you to tackle any professional and technical challenges during the industrial live training projects. Through continuous support from weekly to monthly tasks, your mentor will help you to take your skills to the next level which will help you to achieve your long-term goal.

Corporate Training:

M-TechnoSoft bridge the competency gap towards building a skilled and productive workforce. Our corporate training modules include Leadership Training Programs, Motivational Training Programs, Time Management Training, Stress Management Training, and Team Building Training for individuals, enterprises & institutions. The training module can be customized based on the necessity of the organizations. 

Advantages of M-TechnoSoft Corporate Training:

  1. More than 50 corporate trainers with high industry experience

  2. Both Onsite and Offsite training Model

  3. Corporate training offered in 10+ courses

  4. Delivery on Time with High-quality training

  5. Our trainers are certified by prestigious vendors.



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