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Mahendra Technosoft brings the best of the software world to your industry. With our expertise, we can help you build impactful software solutions for your industry faster than ever before. Our software development solutions fully cater to the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, developing, integrating and implementing custom software, facilitating processes including accounting, project management, ERP customization, scheduling, and bid management.

Construction Accounting

Our construction accounting software services provide specialized software, including job cost accounting, construction bookkeeping, and contractor accounting. With our Job Cost Accounting Software we develop job costing modules that track purchase orders, order changes, subcontracts, earned revenue, and committed costs. Our experts provide Payroll Software Integration with HCM (Human Capital Management) systems, mobile timecard APIs, and features such as taxation calculators and banking APIs. Third-party accounting programs such as depreciation calculators and audit trail modules are integrated with custom Asset Tracking Software.

BIM Solutions

We develop BIM (Building Information Modeling) software solutions that include rendering engine development, attribute libraries, automated workflows, and rich 360-degree AR/VR experiences with 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D CAD applications. BIM Integration Mahendra Technosoft integrates BIM applications with PMS (Project Management Systems) platforms and various AEC software systems. Our Facility Management Software solutions provide BIM integration with IWMS and CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management programs. Not only that GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is integrated with BIM applications, facilitating data interoperability, and is also integrated from third-party providers. Clash detection protocols are configured to prevent design conflicts, build codes, streamline workflows, and ensure model data exchanges between MEP systems and vendor platforms.


Construction ERP software is developed by industry software experts who integrate enterprise software systems for asset management, supply chain management, labour/field management and sales. Our CRM Software Solutions cater to commercial and residential developers, architects, and engineers. When it comes to Data Analytics, our Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) facilitate data sharing, data interaction, and data reconciliation. With Inventory Management, We create custom inventory databases for processes such as requisitioning assets, tracking, and inventory and analyzing telematics. We also develop Generation systems and contract management function as ERP, CRM, and document management modules.


Our construction estimating software services includes mobile applications and programs with responsive designs that track materials and soft costs. Our solutions Construction Cost Database wherein we create databases for labor cost and materials, while integrating databases into estimation platforms. Don’t worry about Electrical Estimating, our solutions and programming facilitates pricing updates and allows instant changes to the system, and improves margins by enhancing platforms with custom integrations. Commercial Estimating Solutions are developed for takeoff trails, automatic pricing, and pre-loaded labour and material platforms. With our APIs and Cloud-Based Integration, estimation software enable real-time overhead tracking.


We develop Bidding Management Software solutions for features such as mobile bid apps, online plan rooms, and CRM (Customer/Contractor Relationship Management) systems. Construction Bidding provides document management systems, facilitates secure transmission and coordination of features such as CAD docs, material take-offs, proposal requirements and permits. CRM Integrations happens with bid solicitation dashboards, client communication trackers, and marketing automation software. Invitation to Bid Software or Bid Management platforms are developed for project questionnaires and generating bid packages with customizable scope sheet apps. We also work on Bid Evaluation Systems that effectively determine the responsiveness of offers, and the analysis of features such as bid packages by cost, contractor backlogs, and proximity.


We develop equipment management software solutions for GPS and tool tracking, construction asset management, and equipment telematics. Construction GPS Tracking providing third-party GIS software integration with popular platforms, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze. When it come to Tool Tracking we offer Cloud-based systems and apps streamline onsite/offsite processes in tool management, Tool Assignment, Barcode Utilization, and IoT Technology.

Equipment-Telematics, Fleet telematics and KPI reports are tracked by real-time analytics dashboards. BI Telematics, Performance Analysis and Maintenance Scheduling


Our scheduling software services include project schedule applications development that facilitate fast schedule generation, resource assignments, and role-based access controls designation. Be it Labour Scheduling, Crew scheduling our software allows for features such as specific task assignments, automated scheduling, and workload distribution. Scheduling Analytics data such as time-sensitive projects and tasks are shown on custom dashboards and reporting modules. Mobile Apps are developed for all operating systems to review and update the status of scheduled tasks any time, in real time.


Mahendra Technosoft creates construction project management systems with features such as workflow management tools, digital workrooms and dashboards. Customized and curated project management software is made for construction managers, architects, and engineers, using custom workflow and workroom tools. Our Safety Regulation software is compliant with Government norms and safety regulations and facilitates submissions for site inspection reports. Project Planning software where users with proper login credentials can edit/change system-wide data to timelines and project specs at any time. Mobile Project Apps are programmed for daily logs and, and other features like voice recognition commands and automated time stamping.

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