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About Mahendra Techno-Soft

Mahendra Technosoft is a Global IT Innovator Delivering High End Technology - Enabled Services and Solutions to Clients across the globe. We are a Software Consultancy Firm and we also do offer Educational Training and Internships to Freshers graduated in IT / Software Development. Our fuctions does also include Project Management - Execution - Completion / Management Services / Outsourcing & Cloud based Solutions / Provisioning Software & Database Security to Mid sized as well as Large Scale Enterprises falling under all major Industrial Sectors. Mahendra Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most Prominent cum Reputed Technology-Oriented Service Provider firm which caters to the Tech Based Demands and Requirements of the Educational Sector as well as the Corporate World. Since the time of its Inception, Mahendra Technosoft as an organization has been working with great enthusiasm and determination to explore different areas and avenues of Engineering exemplifying our field expertise and maintaining our Quality Standards. Mahendra Technosoft sets apart a unique platform for all the Newcomers / Interns / Freshers especially from the IT field across the Country to work on live Projects and gain immensely valuable Practical experience along with Corporate exposure in order to discover their hidden Talent / Potential and accomplish their lifelong career aspirations. This organization aims to refine the Freshers into a highly experienced IT Professional through Quality Training and Skills upgradation. The company enables its employees to Identify their Strengths / Analyse their Weaknesses / Grab the opportunities and Foresee threats. We Impart High Quality Educational Training under the guidance and supervision of an Expert and Highly Experienced Faculty Panel. It is also our vision to become an Internationally Recognized Training Institute for IT and allied services. We have successfully conducted our Training Sessions in different parts of Maharashtra as well as India. College Students and Corporate Employees choose to attend our Training sessions in order to upgrade themselves and attain Industry level skills.

  • Latest Technologies and Upgraded Monitoring Tools : 

    We work on some of the Latest Technologies namely Docker / Redhat / Gitlba / Jenkins / Devops / Pentration Testing / Palo Alto Firewall. We also offer premium services in Digital Marketing / SEO. We use upgraded monitoring tools such as Nagios. We extend complete and end to end Technical Support to Corporate Buisnesses and Multinationals.

  • Women Safety and Professional Empowerment : 

    Mahendra Technosoft as an organization lays down a very Strong and Safe Platform for women to discover and nurture their hidden career ambitions without any hassles or restrictions thereby stimulating their power of Self Reliance. Mahendra Technosoft is very proud of its Women workforce for being an Indispensable asset for the organization right from the date of Incorporation. We work as a Family and we consider Women Safety and Integrity as a Priority.

  • Mentorship and Guidance :

    We create a very Open and Conducive ambience for all our employees. We encourage our workforce to be Creative as well as Constructive. We offer continuous and complete support to our Employees as far as the training and job assistance are concerned. We work together as a strong unit to accomplish our organizational goals and objectives. We ensure Equal and Sustainable Growth of all our employee associates. We regularly conduct interactive sessions with our employees to monitor and improve their Performance / Quality / Productivity and Skillset.


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