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How COVID-19 Spreads

COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus is a new disease that can spread from Person-to-Person or can be spread from contact with the contaminated surfaces or Objects.

The risk of Spreading is entirely dependent on where you are and more specifically, whether there are any COVID-19 symptomatic people around.

People in most of the locations have a very minimal risk of catching COVID-19. However, the virus being declared a Pandemic by WHO now has many places around the world where it is spreading like a Fire. People living in these areas or the visitors are at a higher risk of catching COVID-19. Governments and health authorities across Globe are taking vivacious actions every time a new case of this Virus is been identified.

Person-to-person spread

The virus is said to be spread primarily from person-to-person.

  • Between people who are in close contact with each other (within about 6 feet).

  • This spreads through respiratory droplets of an already infected person when they cough, sneeze or talk.

  • These droplets can then be inhaled into the lungs through the nose or mouth of people who are nearby.

  • Some recent studies have suggested that this virus may be spread by people who have no symptoms at all.

  • The Social distancing of about 6 feet is very important in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Spread from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects

It is also possible that a person can be infected by COVID-19 by touching an object or a surface that has the virus on it and then by touching their own nose, eyes, or possibly their mouth. However, this is not the main way the virus spreads, The best recommendation for people is to practice frequent “hand sanitation,” by either their hands with soaps or by the use of an alcohol-based hand rub.

How easily the virus spreads

  • How easily the COVID-19 virus can spread from person-to-person can vary. The virus causing COVID-19 is spreading without much toil and at a fast pace between people.

  • COVID-19 is assumed to chiefly unfold from person-to-person suggests that of metastasis droplets from someone, United Nations agency is already infected. Such folks typically have symptoms of sickness.

Few folks while no symptoms may be ready to unfold this deadly virus.

  • COVID-19 outbreaks will be restricted and diffusion will be stopped as shown by China and a few different countries.

  • New outbreaks will emerge chop-chop it’s extraordinarily vital to be aware of matters wherever you're or assuming to go. United Nations agency publishes daily updates on the COVID-19 scenario worldwide


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